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Strong Signal Processing Infrastructure for

High Performance

With a strong human resource, expertise, and know-how, KoçSavunma offers high-performance solutions in signal processing. KoçSavunma’s solutions use cutting-edge algorithms, provide the fastest results in time-critical applications, and produce reliable solutions that make a difference in the field.


KoçSavunma’s products with acoustic signal processing, detection, diagnosis, and classification functions are currently operating successfully in the inventory of end-users. KoçSavunma boasts over 10 years of experience in this field.

Globally Competitive


KoçSavunma is currently developing its own algorithms for signal processing and monitors the most recent developments in the world without depending on outside sources. KoçSavunma employs array signal processing, passive/active acoustic signal processing, and simulation and modelling methods in its studies in this field.