A Momentous Step in Sea Water Quality Measurement in Turkey

The “Smartium Blue Smart Float Measurement System” project, realised by KoçSavunma in cooperation with the DenizTemiz Association (TURMEPA), Fethiye Municipality, the İMEAK Chamber of Shipping and Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University, is coming to life. This project will monitor seawater quality in Fethiye Bay, with the collected data being available for instant evaluation.

A test run of the system was performed in Fethiye Harbour. Upon the completion of the project, it will be possible to measure physical and chemical parameters of the seawater, such as acidification, turbidity, oxygen level, water temperature, salinity, and chlorophyllous status, as well as meteorological data such as wind direction and speed, all of which will be recorded in real-time in marine areas such as marinas, bays and the areas surrounding fish farms. The collected data will also guide different analytic applications.